Welcome to Prodigital, POS/POP display factory.

It’s all about the product and that is exactly where we start. Product merchandising is our first call to action in order to communicate the brand message and encourage sales. Our designs are consumer friendly and maximize shelf space. We create elevated, effective and experiential shopping experiences that will increase your bottom line. Our extensive design and engineering capabilities are seamlessly recognized by a wide variety of our clients world wide.

What we offer

We offer complete POS solution from first idea, sketch, prototyping, designing, visualization, manufacturing and delivering.
Design We design all technical details of the display, we can offer our vision or create technical drawing based on your idea or sketch. We also offer graphic design for the all POS materials that we create.
Visualization To be sure that you will get exactly what you want, before production we create realistic 3D visualization for every POS materials. You can also order visualization with included products that will be presented on the display as well as visualization in real store environment.
ikona_stalak ManufacturingWhen it comes to manufacturing, we care that produced displays are technically simple to assemble, that quality is the same across whole production range and the time need for production be as quick as possible.